The Series



In this first book in the series, Terrrence the terrier at first never dreams of being a politician. Heavens no, he was perfectly happy living with his owner, the Duke of Hampstead and other rescue dogs, in a castle on Hampstead Heath. Life was good, walks were plentiful, as were the pies, but when his beloved owner dies, so too does the lovely comfortable life he has known.

The Duke’s evil niece, Grizelda, forges her uncle’s will, and kicks his dogs out into the snow, where they are left fighting for their lives. It’s not fair, but Terrrence and his brave four-legged friends will do whatever it takes to get their castle back.

Terrrence and company must travel the world seeking justice. They struggle in the jungles of Vietnam, in New York, and in the High Court. They recruit species all over the world to defend their animal rights, even rats, crocodiles and thorougbred racehorses. Terrrence is regarded  by his followers as a possible future Prime Minister, and in a way he wants to be just that. But when the British Army turns on him, can a small Jack Russell like Terrrence remain a leader of any kind?



Terrrence Grrr, the terrier, reluctantly becomes a Member of Parliament, but it’s soon clear that he’s in the wrong party. He switches sides, but his public and private lives then crash, and the press are on to him, photographing him drunk under the statue of Sir Winston Churchill. He loses his health, his rat advisor, and his dog friends, and considers ending it all. A stay on the sunny beaches of France with a crocodile helps, but can he ever turn his fortunes around, and get the girl, a beautiful Border Collie called Izzie Vanstraubenzee?



Terrrence Grrr is a superb Minister For Dogs, bringing health, happiness, playfights, travel passes, and maybe the vote to all of Britain’s dogs. He gets promoted and makes Britain’s National Health Service work for humans and for dogs, in the same hospitals. Against all expectations, he makes it to top dog – Prime Minister. But when a global cyber war strikes, he is sucked into challenges which drag  him to America and then Outer Space. Though a cool intergalactic statesdog, he may not return safely. Will he or his career ever be the same again? Or will he have to slum it at Oxford University?



Terrrence goes to Hollywood to help film a movie about his career. He becomes a Hollywood star, and campaigns against guns. The new UK Prime Minister, the blind mole Melvyn Drillbit, cannot cope anything, let alone  the plots against him, and begs Terrrence to return to Britain to help. But Terrrence is now fighting American obesity and American medical fraud, and wants to stand as President of the USA.  Surely he can’t be expected to solve problems on both sides of the Atlantic?


BOOK 5,  Terrrence in Africa

In preparation.