Talking Animals and Political Comedy

The world is full of talking animals. Most dogs can bark, wail, or  howl. Gorillas grunt, pigs snort, and whales sing across oceans. Snakes hiss to eachother in the long grass. Chickens cluck most of the day. Cats miaow to say they want something. We humans have learned that these talking animals are just like us. Beatrix Potter started the idea with her human-like Peter Rabbit and Squirrel Nutkin in 1902. And she knew that  animals talk even when they are silent. Their faces show emotions such as fun, fear, worry, joy and hunger.A dog’s waggy tail says “Oh, yes please!”. The mating dances of birds of Paradise are talking serious romance. Stags who fight in the rutting season are talking world domination. Increasingly it seems, as we watch more  wildlife programmes, animals are inching towards talking just like humans. In my books they complete that breakthrough. The dogs, Terrrence, Izzie, Strictly and Reservoir, hardly stop talking. Ratton the rat, Cardew the crocodile and Melvyn Drillbit the mole, love  a chat. But why do they go into politics? Because politics for them is fun! Talking animals are not burdened like human politicians with mindless devotion to narrow political parties. They prefer the lighter, brighter, touch. Their politics are full of fairness and fun. Terrrence is delighted when, as a world animal rights leader, he gives the British Army a good spanking. All the dogs are thrilled with the crazy decor at their new Ministry for Dogs. And  Prime Minister Terrrence  Grrr, the terrier, has the  greatest sense of political joy when he leads journalists on his  6am  run across London, and they all sing:

Who will lead us through the fog?

One little powerhouse brainy dog!

Who gives the British Government muscle?

This tough friendly cool Jack Russell!

The first big TV political comedy was the 1970’s series Yes, Minister. After that came Spitting Image, Veep and House of Cards. I hope my talking animals will bring political comedy even more to the fore, so that those deathly  stale debates along party lines in the House of Commons will become a thing of the past. Terrrence wants everyone to lighten up, and party, dude, not be slave to a party. He wants talking animals to make politics a laugh, a joy, forever. So everyone will relax, and make better judgements, leading to a happier world  for all, both humans and animals.


Mike Stone